The jewels (2)

The thing that makes it hard to store jewelry, especially earrings, is that there are so many little pieces. They get tangled together, they don’t really hang well on a holder- and who is going to take the time to take off the backs every time and mount them on a piece of mesh or screen?

That’s why I love the watchmakers’ cases from Lee Valley.


Just some of the great features:

  • Each little round container lifts out of the rectangular case.
  • They hold two or three pair of earrings (unless yours are very large.)
  • The clear tops make it easy to see your entire collection.
  • They rearrange easily if you want to organize them in a different pattern.
  • The individual cases can pop into a travel bag.
  • The boxes are flat and shallow, so it’s easy to stack as many as you need.

Several sizes are available. Check them out at,43326,44948

These are great for anything tiny that you want to store in an organized fashion.

No product or remuneration was received for this recommendation. I paid for mine, just like everyone else.

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