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Get a head start on Christmas baking

Well, it may be a bit early to actually start baking- though the freezer can be your friend-  but you can certainly start planning. The grocery stores are starting the sales on baking supplies, so it’s a good time (and … Read More

Get more in your drawers

Drawers, like cabinets, are not stretchy. You can get more in them by using the entire depth. Often we use only the bottom half, so there is a lot of “air space” above the utensils. 1. Get a tray or … Read More

Adding space to your cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are, unfortunately, not very stretchy. Usually, the only way to make more space inside them is to get rid of some of the things inside. Storage containers that fit snugly side-by-side or stack may also help. If your … Read More

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