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couchGetting organized is not just cleaning up. It’s dealing with the causes of why the clutter collected in the first place and finding solutions to prevent the chaos from returning.

One size does not fit all! We’ll find simple, easy-to-implement solutions that suit your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Residential Organizing
Do you own your possessions or do they own you?

Consider the cost of real estate on the West Coast. Is your clutter worth the price per square foot you’re paying to store it?

I’ll help you decide what to keep and what is no longer serving you, custom-organize the space and things you use and love in ways that are convenient for you, and create storage solutions for your treasures.

You need to be able to accomplish your chores efficiently, and participate in your hobbies easily. You deserve to have full use and enjoyment of the space you’ve paid for.

Whether your “black hole” is the basement, bedroom, garage, kitchen, or closets, we can work together to declutter, clear out the mess and the stress, and restore order, calm and harmony in your home.

Virtual Organizing now available! See the Blog page for more information.

Moving, Relocating, Downsizing
Selling your house? Are buyers seeing a spacious, well-designed home or crammed, cramped closets? You know they’re looking for counter and closet space!

I’ll declutter and reorganize with you to maximize the look of your space.
I can arrange for disposal of unwanted items through consignment, donations, or sales.

I have experience with the moving industry and can assist you in packing and organizing your possessions for an easier move.

And when you’re moving in, I will help you design and organize your storage space and assist with unpacking and arranging possessions into organized spaces to give you a truly fresh start.

Dealing with the possessions of a loved one can be overwhelming.

I can assist you in preparing an inventory of possessions or with sorting and distributing household goods. I will arrange for appraisers, charitable donations, consignment or estate sales, and help you prepare a house for sale.

All legal aspects must of course be handled by your lawyers.

Paper and Information Management, in the Home or the Office
Have you ever lost a bill? A client’s contract? The permission slip for your child’s field trip that’s due this morning?

In our homes and in our offices, we’re drowning in a sea of paper. Unfortunately, the tide never goes out; it just keeps coming in daily and depositing more!

Whether you prefer files or piles, every home and office needs a reliable, simple system for dumping the junk, keeping track of the important, and ensuring things get done on time.

Paper sorting and bill paying are essential skills in your busy life. We’ll create a simple, easy-to-implement system based on your personality, to reduce your stress and streamline your life.

Home Office and Small Office Organizing
You can’t accomplish your work if your office isn’t working for you.

Whether you work in your home, a cubicle, a car, or a more traditional office, I can set up efficient systems for paperwork and information storage, so you can find what you need instantly, and deal with it in a comfortable, convenient environment.

Time Management and Productivity

If your quality time and priorities are getting dropped during your work/life juggling act, we’ll formulate an action plan to allow you to accomplish your goals.


People who live with AD/HD may require specialized organizing techniques. I have supplementary training, an AD/HD specialist certificate, and extensive resources to share with you.

Chronic Disorganization

Do you struggle with organizing challenges that have a negative effect on the quality of your daily life? I have specialized training for assisting clients who have more complicated organizing difficulties. Chronic Disorganization may be caused by physical, mental, neurological, or situational challenges, severely affecting a person’s quality of life. To find out more about Chronic Disorganization or Hoarding, I urge you to visit the website of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. (See below.)


Hoarding is much more complicated than having a large collection of stuff. It is a condition that can severely affect the quality of life of an individual or family, and sometimes even the surrounding community. As BC’s only professional organizer who is a trained Hoarding Specialist, I have the resources to help you or your family.

Solutions for School
Whether you are a multi-tasking teacher trying to keep up with the mass of paper going in and out each day or a student learning how to juggle an assortment of subjects and projects, I have the expertise to get your work under control.

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Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, White Rock


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