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Give that shiny new calendar a workout

  Get out some colourful pens and mark it up: 1. Family- all birthdays, anniversaries, and special events (weddings? graduations?) 2. Get the schedules for all the groups and activities you’re associated with and fill in all their dates. School- … Read More

Get a head start on Christmas gifts

Are you one of those people who buys presents throughout the year and stashes them away? If so, now’s the time to take inventory. Yes, you feel clever for finding the perfect stocking stuffer in July. you don’t feel so … Read More

Get a head start on Christmas baking

Well, it may be a bit early to actually start baking- though the freezer can be your friend-  but you can certainly start planning. The grocery stores are starting the sales on baking supplies, so it’s a good time (and … Read More

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