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You don’t have to overdo it

Last weekend I had the pleasure, the delight, the excitement of seeing the parade along Snowflake Lane in Bellevue, WA. The street is beautifully decorated. There is a fifteen-minute parade, which included Santa that night, and was followed by a … Read More

Get a head start on Christmas wrapping

Wrapping paper is something people buy ahead of time, cleverly store away for the future, forget about, and buy again. Before you fall for the multi-roll package at the store, shop at home. Search your wrapping centre and Christmas supplies. … Read More

Stocking your house: keeping back-up supplies

What’s more annoying that having someone leave an empty roll of toilet paper? Having that happen, and having no more in the house. It’s okay to run out of some things. Paper towels? Use a cloth. Juice? Drink water. However, … Read More

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