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What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing is a way of getting Professional Organizing services using video conferencing, email, and/or the phone to communicate; the Organizer does not need to come into your home. It is a great alternative for people with time, energy, health, … Read More

Give that shiny new calendar a workout

  Get out some colourful pens and mark it up: 1. Family- all birthdays, anniversaries, and special events (weddings? graduations?) 2. Get the schedules for all the groups and activities you’re associated with and fill in all their dates. School- … Read More

Maintain the mystery

Are the present-shakers at work in your house? Children- or people of other sizes- doing inventory under the tree, squeezing, shaking, weighing, and guessing? Foil their attempts- or at least make it more challenging- by using a “secret code” to … Read More

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