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Looking for an Organizer with professional qualifications?

Debby Lea is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization,  ADHD Specialist, and Hoarding Specialist.  She was one of the first Trained Professional Organizers in BC. 

And now, keeping your safety in mind, Debby is the only Certified Virtual Organizer in western Canada.

Experienced Organizer Debby Lea is a creative problem-solver who specializes in finding practical solutions tailored to your personality. With her unique combination of training, organizing experience, and teaching experience, she can show you how to banish clutter and chaos from your life, and welcome calm and control.

Qualifications earned from Professional Organizers in Canada:

  • Silver Leaf member of Professional Organizers in Canada (more than 5 years experience)
  • Trained Professional Organizer

Qualifications earned from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization :

  • Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization
  • ADD Specialist
  • Hoarding Specialist
  • Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganization, ADD Issues with the CD Client, Client Administration, Hoarding Issues with the CD Client, Learning Styles and Modalities, Life Transitions, Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the D Client, Physical Conditions Affecting the CD Client, Understanding the Needs of the Elderly CD Client,  Understanding the Needs of the Student CD Client, and Time Management and Productivity.

New in 2020:

  • Certified Virtual Organizer

Other Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Two years of CGA Accounting training
  • Streamlined Solutions opened for business in 2004

What Does This  Mean to You?

You are dealing with an experienced, highly qualified Organizer, who has extensive resources to share with you.

The goal of Streamlined Solutions is:

to help you banish clutter and chaos,  and welcome calm and control,  in your life, home, or office.

  • Declutter and custom-organize your space
  • Streamline your tasks
  • Establish simple, easy-to-implement solutions that work for your personality, your family, your lifestyle, & your goals
  • Reduce your stress and gain more time for your priorities at home and at work

A proud member of Professional Organizers in Canada and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization!

                       Streamlined Solutions operates in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Guidelines of POC and ICD.

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