An organized life is not a luxury - it's a survival skill

A Professional Organizer Can Help You:

Reduce your stress

Be more productive

Have more free time

Have more energy

Enjoy the space you live and work in

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About Us

Debby Lea was among the first Organizers in Canada to successfully complete the  Trained Professional Organizer Program, and is the only Qualified Chronic Disorganization Specialist and ADD Specialist in BC. This experienced Organizer is a creative problem-solver who specializes in finding practical solutions tailored to your personality.

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Getting organized is not just cleaning up. It’s dealing with the causes of why the clutter collected in the first place and finding solutions to prevent the chaos from returning. One size does not fit all! We’ll find simple, easy-to-implement solutions that suit your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

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Banish Clutter and Chaos

Are you scrambling every morning to find your keys, your child's backpack, or the papers that need to be handed in? Are your evenings a festival of fast food because it's difficult to find the cooking utensils, or you don't have the ingredients to make an appetizing recipe? Do your hobbies and good intentions keep getting postponed because you can't unearth the equipment from the piles, or find a clear space to set out your projects? Is your multi-thousand dollar car sitting in the rain because the garage is full of a few hundred dollars worth of old furniture and unpacked boxes? Do you spend more time in the office searching for the client's file than actually working on it - on the one clear corner of your desk not covered by piles? Somehow, while you were racing through your busy life, the stuff took over. Like many people, you'd love a streamlined space and effective systems, but you just don't know where to start. It's time for some Streamlined Solutions. Working together, we can banish the clutter in your home or office - and the chaos in your life - and welcome in calm and control. Streamlined Solutions Professional Organizing works with busy professionals, homeowners, businesses, students, and schools throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. Welcome calm and control into your life!   Take the First Step!
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