The jewels (1)

Losing or breaking something is distressing. What’s worse? Losing or breaking half of something.

This week we’re talking about jewelry.

In most collections there are a few things that are broken: an old watch, a bracelet or necklace with a broken clasp, or any piece missing a stone. There are also earrings missing a mate.


All of these things, in their current condition, are neither beautiful nor useful. Consider the alternatives:

1. Thank it for its service and toss it. Not the 24 carat gold or diamonds (see alternatives 3-4,) but if it’s relatively inexpensive, and you haven’t found its mate, or don’t want to invest the cash to have it repaired, it’s wasting space.

2. Turn it into something useful. If you know someone artistic who could use the pieces to make something lovely, donate it to him/her. Don’t use this excuse to add to another person’s clutter.

3. Turn the gold and diamonds you no longer want into cash. Sell them.

4. If it is genuinely valuableĀ  and you do like it, have it repaired so that it may be enjoyed again. It may truly be a family heirloom.

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