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Storing “statement” necklaces

Big, chunky, (heavy), statement necklaces are in fashion. When they’re not hanging on your neck, what do you do with them? They do not fit well in most jewelry boxes. They get tangled, dusty, and look messy on a dresser. … Read More

Innovative storage for men

Well, it doesn’t just have to be for men. There are a lot of closet organizing accessories for women- things that will hold jewelery, scarves, or makeup. But what about the men? Okay, there are tie hangers, or belt hangers. … Read More

Get a head start on Christmas gifts

Are you one of those people who buys presents throughout the year and stashes them away? If so, now’s the time to take inventory. Yes, you feel clever for finding the perfect stocking stuffer in July. you don’t feel so … Read More

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