UFO clutter

Some days we are seized with enthusiasm to start projects.

  • We want to use up some of our “useful” clutter: I’ll make a quilt out of the old t-shirts!
  • We see an adorable craft in a magazine or online: I’ll turn the tv stand into a play kitchen!
  • We feel guilty about keeping our children’s photos in shoe boxes: I’ll start scrapbooking!

We start with great energy, but the project turns out to be more difficult, time-consuming, or expensive than we had figured. (Who would have thought scrapbooks/photo albums could end up costing hundreds of dollars?)

Now we have a different kind of clutter staring us in the face (and making us feel guilty): UnFinished Objects. UFOs.


Our brains hate incomplete projects. It’s always nice to put the last piece in place. And the time, energy and money you have already invested may make you feel worse about it. But you have limited time and energy, so if you take a look at your priorities, and that project isn’t turning out to be what you imagined, you might need to let it go. Sell, recycle, or donate the supplies. Cross the entire project off your list. Turn your attention to something more rewarding. Feel the relief.


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