“My imaginary life” clutter

The advertising industry is great at inspiring our imaginations, and encouraging us to create fantasy lives that will materialize if we will just purchase their products. Frankly, in a lovely store, we can create those fantasies all by ourselves.

Oh, the parties we’ll host with those crystal goblets and linen napkins! The receptions we’ll attend in a silk dress! The meals we’ll create on the six-burner restaurant-grade stove! The body we’ll build with the home exercise equipment!

But these often end up unused. We don’t use glasses that can’t go in the dishwasher, napkins that require ironing, or clothes that have to be dry cleaned after each wearing; we rarely use more than two burners on the stove; and the exercise equipment is an expensive clothes rack.


Owning a tuxedo does not make us James Bond. We’re all sad about that. But it’s true.

Take a good hard look at what your lifestyle really is, and it may be easier to let go of the impractical items you don’t use. Think twice before you’re tempted to buy those things. You’ll save money and have more space in the house.

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