“Time of life” clutter

A few things stay with us throughout our lives, but not many. Most of the things we buy, or are given, belong to one stage of our lives.


  • Babies have tiny clothes, toys, and diapers
  • Toddlers have bigger toys, tricycles
  • Young school-age children have dolls, toy cars, and art projects
  • Older school-age children have sports, musical, and hobby-related equipment
  • College students have lots of books
  • Everybody has age-appropriate books and games
  • Adults have household and hobby-related stuff that they may use for a long time, or lose interest

While some mementos bring us happiness, too much of what we no longer use does not. Every year or so, we should ask ourselves if what we are keeping still pertains to the time of life we are in. Share the things you don’t need anymore with someone who can use them- while they are still in fashion or in good condition.


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