Holey socks!

What do you wear every day? Every single day? Hint: When it’s comfortable and fits well, you never think about it, and no one else ever notices. When it’s not comfortable, you can’t stop thinking about it, and others may notice.

Socks and underwear.


They’re always there. They take up a lot of laundry space. Yet, because other people don’t see them much, we have a tendency to let them get rather… ratty.

Go do some sorting. Toss out the worn, the stained, the holey. On your next trip to the warehouse store, buy a big pack to replace them.

Better hint: throw them all out. Especially if you’re a guy. Get an all new really big pack of one kind. Two if you’re fancy: one white, one black. Now you’re set for any occasion. You will no longer need to match and fold socks, because they all match. Well, not the black and white. But even the most dozy non-morning-person can pull out two blacks or two whites.

Top secret organizing tip: save yourself a whole bunch of time on laundry day by taking the pile of socks and throwing them in the drawer, unmatched/folded/bundled. Take your pile of underwear and toss it in the other drawer. Nobody will ever know you didn’t fold them.

If you’re super-busy, try this: keep two laundry baskets in your closet. Buying one white and one black might be an idea, or label them “Clean” and “Dirty.”

laundry baskets

On laundry day, leave all the socks and underwear in the “Clean” bin. Even a child can find two socks and one pair of underwear out of a bin. Then, of course, at the end of the day, they are deposited in the “Dirty.” Labels help. You don’t want to mix them up. Eeew.

You just saved some time and effort.  And you might have created some spare drawer space for things that do need folding!

(Basket photo from Rubbermaid.)


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