Get your closet in shape, part 2

If you have edited your clothes and purchased some organizing accessories, putting your clothes in order should be a snap. There are a couple of different ways to go, so think first about how you choose your outfits. You want to make your mornings as easy as possible.

Shirts Hanging on Clothes Rack

If you mix and match, put items of the same kind together. You’ll have a pants section, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, suits… and if you want to go further, break those into categories. Short sleeves and long sleeves. Divided into colour sections, if you’re really fancy.

If you always like to wear the same items together, then store them together. You may even be able to get all the pieces on one hanger, the way they do in stores. This way, you can grab an outfit right away when you’re getting dressed, without searching for the matching part.

Children often have more than one size of clothes in the closet, as they grow quickly. Babies and toddlers especially receive a lot of gifts of things in different sizes. It’s handy to sort and store those things by size, so that something doesn’t get forgotten as they progress through that size.

If your mornings are rushed, (asĀ  most people’s are) the best organizing tip is to choose your clothes the night before. Hang your outfit in a special place in your closet, or set it on top of your dresser. Put your accessories out as well. In the morning, you won’t have to scramble, figuring out what to wear, finding the pieces, knowing if they’re clean; everything will be ready to jump into. It’s almost like having a butler. Luxury.

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