Get a head start on Christmas wrapping

Wrapping paper is something people buy ahead of time, cleverly store away for the future, forget about, and buy again.

Before you fall for the multi-roll package at the store, shop at home. Search your wrapping centre and Christmas supplies. Chances are, you got some for 50% off last January. Same goes for ribbon and bows; these can be recycled many times, so the plastic-bag-full is probably enough.

Best of all is the use of gift bags. They last forever, are super-quick to “wrap” with, and fit gifts of odd sizes and shapes. A collection of fabric bags in Christmas prints has lasted our family for over twenty years. Little kids may have more pleasure from tearing off paper, but adults are quite pleased to fold the bag and use it again.

How often do “environmentally friendly” and “the easiest way to do something” go together? Win-win!

Santa Carrying Shopping Bags

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