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Get a head start on Christmas wrapping

Wrapping paper is something people buy ahead of time, cleverly store away for the future, forget about, and buy again. Before you fall for the multi-roll package at the store, shop at home. Search your wrapping centre and Christmas supplies. … Read More

Rediscover your space: Reduce

There is no magic wand that can make the clutter in our homes shrink. A lot of people seem to have the hope, the belief, yes, even the expectation that a Professional Organizer can rearrange their stuff and make it … Read More

“Time of life” clutter

A few things stay with us throughout our lives, but not many. Most of the things we buy, or are given, belong to one stage of our lives. Babies have tiny clothes, toys, and diapers Toddlers have bigger toys, tricycles … Read More

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