Stocking your house: Bringing home the bacon

Warehouse stores have great prices, and I find their meat to be excellent quality, but what I find discouraging is hauling home that huge package of meat. We rarely use that much at one time, so it needs to be divided for storage.

I already dislike that chore (dividing it), so adding a step seems counter-intuitive. However, I enjoy the results so much later that it’s worth the pain.

What is that extra step?  Slicing and seasoning the meat.


Because I have meal plans for the next few weeks, I have a good idea what is going to happen to that beef, or pork, or chicken.

Taking a few minutes to slice it for stir-frying, cube for stews, or whatever before placing it in a freezer bag means that when I’m ready to cook it, minimal preparation will be required. Adding a bit of the appropriate seasoning, sauce, or marinade gives it extra time to flavour the meat.

The other secret is to use freezer-weight bags; your investment will last longer in the freezer and have less chance of spoiling.

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