Adding space to your cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are, unfortunately, not very stretchy. Usually, the only way to make more space inside them is to get rid of some of the things inside. Storage containers that fit snugly side-by-side or stack may also help.

If your shelves can’t be moved up and down, or if you don’t have enough shelves, you may be able to add some surface space with shelf extenders. They sit inside the cupboard as a temporary, moveable extra shelf, like so:

shelf extender 2

They come in different finishes and weights:

shelf extender

They may even fit into a corner. If you can find a sturdy one, it may solve your stack-of-frying pans problem:

shelf extender 3

It’s easier than trying to stack the dishes on top of each other, having to move the top ones every time you need one from the bottom.

These are widely available at organizing stores, building centres, and some grocery/department/drug stores.

Photos: Canadian Tire

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