Where do you store your music?

There are so many options now for ways to listen to music, it seems to be everywhere we go, and in every room of the house.

Take a few minutes to see what you have and where:

  • radios
  • cd players
  • record players
  • cassette tape players
  • 8-track (you wouldn’t be the only one)
  • mp3 players
  • computers
  • maybe even a jukebox; who hasn’t wanted one at some time?


If you have several of these collections and associated players, take a few minutes to look through them. We change our taste in music much like we change our taste in clothing fashions. Though you may love some of those hits from previous decades, it’s possible that there are others you could part with.

Even if it is stored electronically, on a computer or mp3 player, try to thin out the list. It just slows you down when you’re searching for what you still love to hear.

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