Happy birthday to you, forever.

If only we had the foresight to invest in Hallmark, we’d be more supportive of giving and saving cards.

They are available for every occasion; they may sing to you or have voice recordings; they cost an absurd amount of money for a piece of paper: greeting cards. New baby, birthday, wedding, anniversary, new home, and every holiday celebrated anywhere; there’s a card for that. It may be a greeting in lieu of a gift, or may be there to indicate who the gift is for/from.


They don’t take up much space… unless you start saving them all.

If you have more than will fit in a shoebox, think about weeding them out. How about saving only the homemade cards, especially from a small child? Or only the ones with handwritten special messages? Or only one of a series (the first card your loved one sent)?

Better yet, when you’re in the giving position, spend the extra $$ on the gift, or take the person out for coffee, or phone them instead, or send an e-card; these won’t require recycling.

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