Keeping track of school papers: Getting things back & forth

One of the biggest frustrations for parents, children, and teachers is the “lost in transport” paper. Homework that was finished but can’t be turned in, notices that go unread, permission slips that disappear; they all need a way to get where they’re going.

They need a pocket to travel in. Not a pocket of the blue jeans or jacket. Not the backpack, where they will wind up in a sticky clump at the bottom. A plastic pocket.

pocket portfolio

This may travel in the binder with the homework planner, or if you’re super-lucky, in the binder.

binder pocket multi

This way it would always be available when papers were being handed out in class, and when homework is being done at home. A secure mail system to get papers back & forth which will also keep them neat, tidy, and free of juice spills.

(photos: Staples)

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