Keeping track of school papers: At home

As soon as children start school, they start bring home papers. At first it’s just notices and beautiful art. Once they begin doing homework, there are projects in process, notes to retain for studying, and large quantities of completed work.

If we consider school their job, they need a place to keep their stuff to keep the job running smoothly.

First, they need a place for the supplies they need to do their assignments. If there is a desk in the bedroom where the homework gets done, that’s the spot for supplies. If they tend to work at the kitchen table, in the family room, or even in the car, they need a more portable system.

I strongly recommend getting their own set of “office supplies.” A basic set would include pens, pencils, erasers, pencil crayons, felt markers, paper (lined and unlined), a hole punch, stapler, ruler, scissors, tape, glue, a calculator, and a dictionary. Yes, it will cost a lot, but with luck all those things will last many years.

If they’re using a desk, buy some drawer organizers and help them arrange things. If the supplies need to be more portable, they may fit well in a cleaning caddy or plastic box.

sterilite tote

If they need to move sometimes from room to room, a plastic drawer unit may work.

sterilite drawers

The second thing students need is a place to store their papers. If there are only a few, a basket that is edited regularly may be enough.

sterilite basket

If there are multiple subjects with papers to keep track of, it may be time for a file box. One plastic file with hanging folders for each subject and “work in process” should be enough.

sterilite file box

Some students prefer to keep all their work in binders on a shelf, and whether they use those or files is just personal preference. The key is to form the habits of using some sort of system, and using it daily. Ending each homework session with five minutes of getting everything back to its proper place will ensure that the next day will go smoothly as well.

(photos: Sterilite)

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