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If you or someone in your family, deals with chronic disorganization, organizing problems associated with ADHD, or hoarding, you may learn more about it through these excellent classes. You may listen at your convenience, using your computer.

ICD’s award-winning teleclasses have historically been available to members only. But now four teleclasses have been re-recorded for the general public and are available for only $10 per class.

Simply sign up and pay the $10 teleclass fee and within 72 business hours you will receive an email with instructions to access the recording. You will have a two-week window to listen to the class from the time you receive access instructions.

Topics include:

Understanding Chronic Disorganization

What determines a chronically disorganized (CD) person?  This basic class will help you identify and understand the fundamentals of chronic disorganization and its causes. It will also offer techniques and strategies that help those who are chronically disorganized make positive changes in their lives.

Introduction to ADD

This class will cover the basic definitions of Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADD).  The issues and challenges that an individual with ADD and those who work with them characteristically face will be described. An overview of life (organizing) challenges will be included.

Introduction to ADHD and Procrastination

Do you have tasks on your daily to-do list that have been there longer than you can remember?  Do you often risk missing deadlines by putting things off to the very last minute? Are you tired of being stressed out and feeling like you never seem to get anything done?  Are you ready to conquer procrastination?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is the teleclass for you.  Many adults with ADHD struggle with procrastination, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introduction to Hoarding

This class will provide an overview of hoarding.  We will discuss the fundamental components, complexities and characteristics concerning issues involving those with a hoarding disorder.

Understanding the Clutter- to- Hoarding Scale

This class will provide an overview of the Clutter-Hoarding Scale.

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