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Great resources: groups

Find information and support about AD/HD: http://www.chaddcanada.org/ Hoarding: http://childrenofhoarders.com/wordpress/?page_id=4117 Stay tuned for information about the Buried in Treasures workshop coming to the Vancouver area in 2014.

Great resources: websites

If you are looking for information about different learning styles, and skill-building for people with ADHD: http://institute4learning.com/ If someone you love is affected by hoarding: http://childrenofhoarders.com/wordpress/ Some interesting reflections about possessions and the relationship people have with them: http://secretlifeofobjects.tumblr.com/ Techniques … Read More

Great resources: books

I had the privilege of hearing Thomas Armstrong speak at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization conference. His books explain and celebrate the variety of ways in which people may be “smart”, and how to support your own way in the … Read More

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