Have a grab & go bag

Long vacations require a fair bit of planning, but sometimes you just need to escape for a night or two. At those times, you don’t want to be fussing with a lot of packing.

If your suitcase has toiletries bags in it, go a step further and stock them with everything you need.travel organizer am

It can be rather expensive to do this all at once. Pick up a travel size of a couple of your favorite products each week when you’re grocery shopping. When your favorite shade of makeup is running low, pick up a new one for daily use, and put the almost-done one in your bag. Do you have prescription glasses that you replaced because the frames were outdated? Toss them in. Eventually, you will have everything you need for a couple of days. Add a file card with a list of things that aren’t long-lasting, but you need: prescription medication and your passport, for example.

When someone offers to whisk you away to Paris for the weekend, you’ll be packed in less than ten minutes.

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