Containers that travel well

Store these accessories in your suitcase, and you’ll be ready for quick & effective packing.

The one-quart zipper bag is required if you are bringing liquids in your carry-on. While a kitchen-quality ziploc will do the job, a sturdier plastic and stronger zipper lasts longer and offers better leak protection. They are handy for other small items (jewelry, film) in your main suitcase as well. (image: Container Store)

quart-sized zippered pouch

If you like to bring your own type of shampoo, and it’s not available in travel size, get some plastic bottles with strong seals in the appropriate size. (image: Storables)

carry-on kit

Save hassles at check-in by putting all your toiletries in your checked bag. An organizer that holds everything, especially if it has a hanger, makes unpacking in your hotel room a snap. (image: Amazon)

travel organizer am

Mesh bags, usually intended for laundry, are great for holding small clothing items, such as underwear, bathing suits, or scarves. Bonus: if your bag is opened by security or customs officials, they won’t be pawing through your dainties.

washing-bags-set c&b

Save storage space and be sure you can find these when you need them; store them inside the suitcase.

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