It’s not me, it’s you

We’re not talking about people here, we’re talking about our relationship with stuff.

When we invite things into our lives, by purchasing them or accepting them as gifts, we psychologically invest in a little relationship. Sometimes that is a short-term affair- with food, or flowers. Long-term relationships are usually with things that cost more: a couch, or a car. Often we acquire things that we think are cute, or would be helpful, and they don’t work out that way.


This cd/ dvd rack is a good example. We thought it would hold the dvds neatly, but they still fell over, and didn’t look any better than they did by themselves in a row on the shelf. It’s not working for us.

Yet we hang on to these things. We regret the purchase, but now we have invested money. There’s a four-letter word involved: cost. “But it cost $xx.”

Well, that money’s not coming back, no matter how long you keep the thing. Now it is costing you space, and taking up valuable brain cells every time you look at it and feel bad, wondering what to do. Cut your losses. Put it in the garage sale or donate box. Or just throw it out, and resolve to think twice before you buy something next time.

End the bad relationship. Don’t waste your time and energy on things that don’t love you back.

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