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If you are looking for articles on time management, I recommend Canada’s premier time management expert, Harold Taylor.

Here’s an example of his advice, from taylorintime.com

Lost productivity through interruptions

March 14, 2013

One study of 1,000 office workers revealed that they lost 2.1 hours of productivity per day from interruptions based on a 40 hour week. Much of that is from our apparent need to check email throughout the day, and sometimes in the evening. The cost to American business was estimated to be $588 billion.

A study conducted by the Irvine Department of Information & Computer Science, University of California, revealed that the most common interruptions at work were a colleague stopping by, being called away from or leaving work voluntarily, the arrival of new email, and a phone call.

A study of over 200 students at the University of Rhode Island found they were losing an average of 45 minutes of sleep each week because of their cell phones. (Source: Toronto Globe & Mail, November 22, 2011).

The top achievers will be those who can develop self-discipline, build structure into their lives, and have the good sense to turn off their cell phones and BlackBerrys when working on priority, goal-related tasks. Those time managers will also engage their voice mail during those focus times, and reduce the number of times they check their email during the day.


Harold Taylor has a blog on his website, and publishes an excellent weekly newsletter.


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