Lighten up in 2013

Many New Years resolutions included getting more organized, cleaning out, throwing out, or getting rid of clutter.

Well, it’s February. How’s that going? All done? A good start? Or, I intended to, but… where do I start?

If you are anywhere other that “all done!” here’s a plan. My New Years resolution is to give you some ideas. Yes, it’s February. I spent the last few weeks getting my shiny new website (with this blog!) set up so that I can handle it easily. (Thank you to my fabulous website designers!)

I’ll make suggestions a couple of times a week of something to get rid of. Things that everyone has lurking in the house, taking up valuable real estate, but not earning their keep. I will try to keep it manageable for you by limiting it to one thing, that should be quick & easy dispose of. I will also try to provide suggestions about what to do with it other than adding to the landfill. Let’s think of this as the slow-butpretty bitter-steady method of clearing out the house. Not as dramatic as renting a dumpster, but more likely to happen. And by this time next year, the house should be quite a bit lighter!

I do love these post-it notes from They may sell them in an ironic/sarcastic way, but they look to me like a great way to remind yourself of your priorities.

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