Lighten Up in 2013: the first baby step

Sharing some ideas for ending the year with less- decluttering one simple thing at a time. You could remove one thing, right? If you suddenly feel the need to toss two, go ahead- we won’t tell.

Find one thing that I have been hanging on to- with good intentions- and let it go. Let’s start with something tiny. How about a piece of paper? That’s right, one piece. Maybe something you have been meaning to read for a while, but it’s not important enough that you really needed, or wanted, to make the time to do it. Lighten up! Free that paper! Drop it in the recycling and congratulate yourself: that task is done.

recycle binIf it contains more information about you than is found in the phone book- such as account numbers, or private contact information- then drop it in the shredder instead. If you don’t have a shredder, start watching the ads and flyers for one on sale. This is one piece of equipment every house needs these days.

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