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Put that souvenir t-shirt to good use

Is there an old team/ holiday souvenir/ company giveaway t-shirt lurking in your dresser, that hasn’t been worn in ages? The one with spaghetti sauce stains? The one with a hole under the arm? It’s time to do your wardrobe, … Read More

Spring cleaning all year

Chores that need to be done daily (washing dishes) or weekly (laundry or vacuuming) seem to provide us with a lot of visual reminders; we can see the dishes/clothes/dirt piling up. The chores that need to be done less frequently- … Read More

Clean out the cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies multiply like rabbits, usually under the kitchen or bathroom sink. What happens is, we buy a product- say, an all-purpose cleaner- and use it for a while, and if we are not totally amazed with its fabulous claims, … Read More

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