Clean out the cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies multiply like rabbits, usually under the kitchen or bathroom sink. What happens is, we buy a product- say, an all-purpose cleaner- and use it for a while, and if we are not totally amazed with its fabulous claims, we see or read about another new & improved product, and buy it before we finish off the first one. Before long, there are all sorts of partial bottles lurking together, abandoned in the pursuit of more sparkling results. We’ve created a mess while trying to be cleaner.

Cleaning Supplies 007

How about cleaning up that area by using all the leftovers before buying any more? If it didn’t quite do the trick in the bathroom, maybe you could use it to wash out your garbage cans on a nice sunny day- or the beach toys, or lawn chairs.┬áMake it a project to pare down the number of different cleaners you use and the bottles hanging around. Just do not mix them in an attempt to save space; some cleaners become very toxic when combined with others. (Trying to be too clean really could kill you.)

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