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Garage sale time

Spring cleaning + Nice weather = The season of garage sales is upon us If you’re in a clearing-out mood, the first thing you should do is: Avoid other people’s garage sales. Really, one man’s trash is… another man’s more … Read More

Help Dad get organized (4)

One of the easiest areas to declutter is the garage, because people are not usually sentimental about rakes and shovels. If you’re bringing out the garden equipment, check it over carefully. Rusty, loose, and broken tools are not only difficult … Read More

Help Dad get organized (3)

Garages often have collections of little things that are used at specific times, or seasonally, such as: Car washing equipment Car maintenance equipment (oil, windshield-washer fluid, tire gauge) Gardening tools Outdoor decorations Beach, sports, camping, or vacation gear Your best … Read More

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