Help Dad get organized (4)

One of the easiest areas to declutter is the garage, because people are not usually sentimental about rakes and shovels.

If you’re bringing out the garden equipment, check it over carefully.


Rusty, loose, and broken tools are not only difficult to work with, they may be harmful to your health if you cut yourself with them. Make your yard work more pleasant by replacing them if necessary.

Here’s a tip to keep them in good shape: If you have a leftover bag of sand from the sandbox or a concrete/ landscaping project, fill about 2/3 of a bucket or small garbage can (with a lid, if you have pets or children.) Mix in some mineral oil. At the end of your gardening session, dip your tools in this to clean off rust-friendly dirt and plant matter, then wipe with a rag or paper towel. Clean tools are happy (and useful) tools.

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