Organize your expense receipts

If you have the type of job that allows you to claim expenses, submitting them to your employer- or if it’s your own company, your bookkeeper- you have receipts. And it’s more than likely that these are compressed into what one might describe as the wallet wad. Soon to be dumped in a drawer or on a shelf, where it will be joined by post-it notes, crumpled business cards, and punch cards for your favorite coffee shop.

Nobody likes dealing with that pile.

Solve the problem with one of my favorite organizing tools, the plastic zipper bag.


These usually have a space on the front, to write Receipts, or better yet, Receipts, November.

This could go in your purse, or briefcase, or if you don’t carry such a thing, in the spot where the wallet lands in the evening.

At least once a day, take the receipts out, write on them what they are for (office supplies/ client lunch) and into the baggie they go. When it comes time to do your expense report, everything will be ready.

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