Cheap is good, but good is better

Of course, cheap and good would be best of all- but how often does that happen?

I seem to have received this lesson many times: cars, furniture, appliances, clothes- too many times I have bought the cheaper something, thinking it would be good to save money. Then it doesn’t work, or breaks down/ stretches/ fades/  just looks dreadful, and eventually I buy the better version.

Today’s example: a hole punch. How complicated can a hole punch be?

I battled with the cheap one for months. Maybe years. It wouldn’t punch all three holes. Or it would, but one of the punches would jam in place, meaning the bottom (full of confetti) had to come off, and a pointy object hammered against the offending piece until it popped back out. Over and over again. Time and frustration.

Eventually, the frustration got the better of me, and I broke down and paid the big bucks for a sturdier one.

hole punch

It hurts to spend that much for something that only punches holes. But I use it often, and it feels great to have something smooth and reliable.

Your tools, whatever they may be for your job, home, or hobby, need to be reliable. It makes your work or relaxation more enjoyable. Always search for the best deal, but don’t compromise the quality on something you use often.

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