Clear bins vs Opaque

When you are buying plastic storage bins for  anything- toys, camping equipment, food, clothes, tools, files- figure out your organizing personality first.

If you are the kind of person who likes everything put away for a neat & tidy appearance, if you like storing papers by filing them away, if you like having things labelled, opaque bins are the way to go. They look very tidy, even in piles, and though you do need labels to tell what’s in them, that works for you.

rubbermaid clever store tote

If you need visual reminders of what you have, if you leave bills out to remind yourself to pay them, if you forget about your clothes that are tucked away in drawers, clear bins may work better for you. They  are just as tidy, but you can still see what is in them, so things are very easy to find, and less likely to be forgotten. (Labels are still a great idea!) The appearance is not as calming, but that isn’t your style anyway.

rubbermaid clever store see through

(Images: Rubbermaid)

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