Too much paper (2)

If you have small stacks of paper all over the office/house, consider using magazine holders to keep them under control.

magazine holder

These are available from office supply or home décor stores, in cardboard, plastic, and metal, at all price points. They hold quite a lot, are the right size to fit your papers perfectly, and are easy to label. If you have a stack of little projects cluttering up your surfaces- say, vacation plans, which include maps, brochures, & tickets- or an income tax stack with booklets, forms, & receipts- or party plans with guest lists, decorations, & recipes- shove each stack into a magazine holder. Put a label on the end; it can even be a post-it note if it’s a short-term holder. These will look very tidy on a shelf or table. If you want to hide the papers more, turn them around so that the tall side faces out. Nothing to see but the label!

You still have the “pile” at your fingertips, easy to access, but the mess is gone.

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