My favorite drawer organizer

In a drawer organizer, I look for several features:

  • different-sized compartments
  • a flat bottom, so that products don’t fall over
  • washable
  • leakproof
  • sturdy enough to pick up easily with products in it
  • fits easily in the drawer
  • inexpensive

The best one I have found is the Ikea Antonius “basket insert.”


If you’re using the Antonius system to hold your clothes, it’s great for jewelry, the wallet dump, etc., but this week we’re talking about the bathroom. With all of the features named above, it’s fantastic for holding makeup (and deep enough to hold a lot, without things falling over or out,) or hair accessories, or everything a man uses. It is one of the few drawer organizers I have found that is narrow enough to fit most bathroom drawers. At under $3.00, it’s a great value.

No product or remuneration was received for this recommendation. I paid for mine, as everyone else does.

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