Are you running a hotel?

A look in the cabinets of many bathrooms would make you think the owners were running hotels. Not because they offer maid service or room service. Because of the vast quantities of tiny soaps and shampoos.


Everybody brings some of these home, and some bring many. We hate to be wasteful, so we feel that we should use the rest of the bottle. Maybe we like the brand or fragrance, and want to find out where to buy more. We like to offer them when we have guests stay over. But most of them end up in a bag, or a heap, in the cupboard.

Go to your bathroom now and do some sorting. If you do sometimes have overnight guests, make them a nice little basket. Little. If you enjoyed the products, put them in your shower now, and use them up before you purchase more shampoo. If you have unused products, and don’t want to use them yourself, donate them to your local shelter. Homeless people are not able to carry around full-size bottles, so these are very useful to them.

Win- win. Your cupboard is tidier, and someone, somewhere is cleaner.

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