Glasses that no one bought

Among your dishes and glasses there are several different categories. Perhaps you chose a pattern to collect and people gave you gifts from that collection. At some time you went to a store and purchased a matching set. But there may be some that you’re not using, because they have a logo on them. No , not Waterford; that would be a discreet mark on the bottom.  A gas station’s logo.gas station glass

Many, many homes have these types of glasses. Someone handed it to us with our gas receipt, and we looove free stuff. They may or may not still be in use. They can be handy when you don’t want to worry whether it gets broken; at a picnic, on the deck, at the cabin, in the hands of a small child. However, if you never use it because you find yourself in a classier place, send it to the recycling. Its purpose is done. You do not have space in your cabinets to advertise gas stations.

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