…and take your friends with you!

Earlier this week, I suggested taking on a largish spring cleaning project: getting rid of a big piece of clutter, such as furniture or appliances. While you are working through the process, have a look around and make sure you send its “sneaky friends” out as well.


In the case of the piano, that includes the music. We no longer have any use for the books, as there is nothing to play on. These  may be good garage sale/ Craigslist/ freecycle items.

If you are getting rid of a television, the remote, cords, manual, and box should accompany it. If it’s an appliance, there may be related pieces hidden away: the rack for the dryer, the packing materials for the washer, the broiling pan from the stove…, manuals for all of the above.

You will not only be getting rid of one bad egg that has been holding you back, you will be unloading the whole gang.

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