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Lists to hang on to: a phone book

Some times you just need to do things old-school. “Back in the day,” I hear a voice that sounds like Grandma’s, “families had only one phone number. It had a maximum of seven digits, and wasn’t so hard to remember.”  … Read More

The in-box

When asked about annoying spots on the computer, most people mention the email in-box. They fill quickly with career-critical information, copies of newsletters, and videos of cats. Usually, no one sees that pile (unlike the in-box on your desk,) so … Read More

Streamline the to-do list: at the computer

Some of the biggest lies people tell themselves involve the word “just.” I’ll just check the email. It will only take a minute. I’ll just have a quick look at facebook. I’ll just look up this recipe/ word/ address/ restaurant/ … Read More

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