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Storing “statement” necklaces

Big, chunky, (heavy), statement necklaces are in fashion. When they’re not hanging on your neck, what do you do with them? They do not fit well in most jewelry boxes. They get tangled, dusty, and look messy on a dresser. … Read More

What not to buy

It’s Black Friday Eve, which means the buying frenzy is about to begin. There is a lot of nice stuff out there, but before you are lulled by the store’s gentle music and wafting cinnamon scent, stop and think. Is … Read More

Cheap is good, but good is better

Of course, cheap and good would be best of all- but how often does that happen? I seem to have received this lesson many times: cars, furniture, appliances, clothes- too many times I have bought the cheaper something, thinking it … Read More

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