What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing is a way of getting Professional Organizing services using video conferencing, email, and/or the phone to communicate; the Organizer does not need to come into your home.

It is a great alternative for people with time, energy, health, budget, or distance challenges.

As in all organizing projects, I work with you to determine your goals, and figure out a plan to achieve those goals. I guide the process, while you do the hands-on work.

It may be used instead of, or between, on-site organizing sessions.

Virtual organizing may be a solution for you, if

  • You would like to do-it-yourself, but with some direction, support, and accountability
  • You have a busy schedule and can only spend 90 minutes at a time on a project
  • You would like tips and advice to make better use of your space
  • You have a limited budget
  • You are social distancing, and prefer that no one come into your home
  • There are no professional organizers in your area
  • You want maintenance help between on-site sessions

For virtual organizing to be successful, it does require that

  • You can do the physical work yourself
  • You are comfortable with technology (email, digital photos, texting)

Appointments are once or twice per week, for 60-90 minutes, until the project is completed. There are additional check-ins between appointments, by phone, text, or email.

Call or email to make an appointment with Western Canada’s only Certified Virtual Organizer.

Virtual Organizing services

Virtual Organizing services

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