Maintain the mystery

Are the present-shakers at work in your house? Children- or people of other sizes- doing inventory under the tree, squeezing, shaking, weighing, and guessing?

Foil their attempts- or at least make it more challenging- by using a “secret code” to label gifts, rather than naming names.

A system that works well for any age, and especially well for young ones who can’t read yet, is to  use one colour or pattern of wrapping paper for each person. Everything wrapped in red candy-cane paper is for CindyLou Who. All the green-tree paper is for the Grinch.

christmas tree

Or, if you want to use tags so that you can say who the gift is from, use an alias for the “to.”Reindeer names work well:  Dasher, or Prancer, or Comet. Famous people, comic or tv characters could also be used for names; just not, perhaps, the seven dwarfs.

Then Christmas morning, the code is revealed. All the gifts labelled “to Prancer” are for Alex, “Dasher” is Ben, etc.

Easy, and fun. Just be sure that you remember, or make a note, of what belongs to who. You don’t want to mix up Grandma’s gifts with the teenager’s.

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