It’s calendar season; get your new agenda

When there are so few weeks left in the year, you may be making appointments into 2014 by now. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your shiny new agenda to keep track.

There are a lot of choices available, and people seem to buy the same kind they were given back in school, then get frustrated using it. So here’s a recommendation:

Unless you need it to fit in your pocket, forget the month-at-a-glance type. They are just too small to write more than one thing per day.

I find for most people (including me) the week-at-a-glance is just right. That’s the starting point.

The next desirable feature is having the time of day mapped out, so activities and appointments can be scheduled more precisely. I am particularly fond of the Quo Vadis brand, which looks like this:

quo vadis agenda

It is easy to mark off blocks off time. It has a space for other notes at the side. It has a lovely detachable address book, so that next year, you do not have to rewrite all that information. And it is possible to save the cover and address book, and just replace the annual insert (although that did not turn out to be a cost-effective option for me.) It is available in both the calendar year and school year versions.

This is available on-line and at stationery stores (such as Staples.) It is certainly not the cheapest, but if you use it daily, I believe it’s worth the extra cost.

I received one last year free, at an organizers’ conference, but this year I paid for mine, so this post is not a paid endorsement.

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