The countdown begins

I am certainly not the first to announce that Christmas/ the Holiday Season is coming. Hallowe’en is over, the store displays are up; it’s only a matter of time- and not much time- before the radio and tv stations begin their special programming.

While I was in a warehouse store the other day, I noticed many pretty ornaments. One feature a lot of them had in common was their size: large. L-A-R-G-E.

These are meant to fill a corner of a room, or be highly visible from the street outside your house.


Even someone who absolutely loves these will not leave them out all year. This is a one-month display.

Then the question will be: where do they go the rest of the year? (Not the North Pole. These ones will not go back there.)

I haveĀ  been in enough storage rooms and garages to know that the artificial tree is a headache to keep. There are many more options for small ornaments, but the great big things won’t fit on a shelf, in a drawer, or under the bed.

Before you load these on your cart, look hard at the size of the box they come in. If it’s going to be a challenge wedging it in your car to take home, it’s going to be a huge challenge finding a place for it on January second.

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