Organize your bank receipts

Does anyone carry cash any more? I don’t see it very often in stores, and sales people seem to ask “credit or debit?” without even considering the possibility.

This results in piles of little receipts that people are afraid to get rid of. What should you do with them?

Woman Using Atm Machine

You should bring them home.

Make a file or envelope that says bank and credit card receipts. If you have a lot of receipts, make one for each kind. They do not need to be very big, because nothing will stay in them for more than a month.

When you receive your bank account or credit card statement, once a month, take the time to check the amounts and make sure they are correct. If you do this every month, it does not take very long. It is an important part of managing your finances.

If they are correct,

  1. Put away the ones you need to keep. If it is a business expense, or tax-related, you have a spot for that. If it may be needed for a warranty, keep it with the product information. Taping it to the manual is helpful. If it is for a gift, you have a special spot for those, too.
  2. Shred the ones you do not need to keep. Restaurant dinners, groceries, gas, movies; these are not going to be returned. Get rid of them in a timely manner, and avoid the desk pile.
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